Does your organization's data security align with industry standards?

Dewpoint can determine the strength of your organization's security infrastructure through a security assessment.


The Dewpoint Security Assessment is designed to review your organization's data security policies, and then measure them with alignment to industry best practices. The findings from this assessment would be utilized to create an executable security program that your organization can use to improve data security measures and comply with industry standards. 

The Dewpoint Security Assessment will cover areas such as:

  • Information Security Policy
  • Information Security Infrastructure
  • Security of Third Party Access
  • Outsourcing
  • Accountability of Assets
  • Information Classification
  • Security in job definition and resourcing
  • User Training
  • Responding to security/threat incidents
  • Equipment Security
  • General Controls
  • Operational Procedure and responsibilities
  • Media handling and Security
  • Exchange of Information and software
  • Business Requirements for Access Control
  • Mobile computing and telecommuting
  • Aspects of Business Continuity Management

By taking part in the security assessment, you can achieve exceptional value and peace of mind by aligning your organization's data security policies and solutions with strategic business needs.

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